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Do you want to develop yourself, be promoted and challenged?
Do you want to go to work every morning with a smile and enjoy your free time in the evening? Do you want to fully support the products that you and your team work on with passion? Do you want a secure workplace while also being future-oriented? Do you wish for a friendly team and to be heard by your management?

We offer all of this to you at one of the most beautiful workplaces in Northern Germany: on the Krautsand island, overlooking the Elbe river, where we build boats every day with 300 people, ensuring safety on cruise ships, cargo ships, ferries, and rescue boats. We continuously develop our products, processes, leadership, and employees, and enjoy success together.

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Boat Building: GFRP Manufacturing

Boat Building: Assembly

Steel Construction & Metalworking



Internship & apprenticeship

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I enjoy working at Hatecke because:


Are developed, encouraged and challenged here. Bring your own ideas and make them happen!

With the HATECKE Lighthouse program, we provide a framework for fostering talent:

Starting this year, 10 exceptionally motivated employees from production, office and trainees will be nominated as "HATECKE Lighthouses" for a period of 12 months. These are colleagues who have particularly
supported their team and our company in an outstanding way, embodying our shared values with a strong radiance.

Like a lighthouse guiding ships through challenging waters, a "HATECKE Lighthouse" leads the way for
colleagues, acting as a role model:

The "HATECKE Lighthouses" meet twice a month during working hours to work on joint projects within and outside the company. These projects may involve equipping rest areas or making a donation to the youth fire brigade. Each "HATECKE Lighthouse" receives a credit which they can decide how to use. For larger projects, the "HATECKE Lighthouses" can join forces.

Once a month, our CEO Mandus Witt reports to the "HATECKE Lighthouses" on current developments in business management and exchanges views on current developments in office and production with the talents.

Once a quarter, the "HATECKE Lighthouses" go out to eat with our CEO and another managing director in a great location. At the beginning, the management can be asked all the questions collected by the "HATECKE Lighthouses" within their departments in a "Hot Seat".

With "HATECKE Lighthouse" we encourage your commitment and improve constructive communication between management and our talents.


Are unique! At our events, you will get to know all your colleagues. From Oktoberfest, fishing and BBQ, to bowling or curling - we love to celebrate together. Our joint Christmas party marks the end of the year, where we come together to reminisce and look back on our successes. This is where you get your first glimpse of our events. We are happy to consider your suggestions during the planning process.

Apart from our events, we have lots of ways to have fun together: Under the title "Standing still is falling behind - Hatecke Next Generation", we have filmed the kick-off of our generational change together with the film agency ABOUT PEOPLE. In this film, we openly deal with praise and criticism and let our employees paint an authentic picture of HATECKE. Since then, a lot has already happened!

Our film was awarded the "Golden Dolphin" in the "Internal Communication" category at the 14th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards Festival.

Take a look at the winning entry:
Winners 2023: A4 | Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards


Boat building: GFRP manufacturing

The GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer) production is the heart of boat building at HATECKE. Here, our engineers’ design drawings come to life. Besides boat builders, rubber and plastic technologists, painters, lacquerers and career changers work here. While boats used to be built of wood, glass fiberglass reinforced polymer is used nowadays. 

About 10 layers of fiberglass mats are laid into milled negative molds and bonded with epoxy resin. After drying, a very stable plastic is created, which ensures the resilience of our boats – even in freefall. In addition to boat hulls in various variants, small parts such as seats and control stands are also manufactured in our 3 workshops for GFRP production. 

Are you ready for your career in boat building? 

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Boat building: Assembly

The assembly process gives our HATECKE boats their distinctive appearance: Various types of boats are constructed here using many individual parts. In addition to boat builders, carpenters, (agricultural machinery) locksmiths, and electricians work here, as well as career changers. With the help of cranes, the individual components of the plastic production are assembled here. Engines, steering systems, electronic devices and seating are installed, electrical installations are laid, and fittings from our metalworking shop are attached. 

The boat is loaded with provisions and life-saving equipment. Our tender boats are equipped with high-quality wooden floors, seat cushions, and air conditioning. Boats for emergency services are equipped with radar and night vision devices. Your and your teams precise work ensure the high quality and reliability of our boats when it counts. Closed free-fall boats for cargo shipping, open, fast rescue boats, tender boats, rescue boats for cruise shipping and boats for emergency services are built in four assembly halls. 

The variety and individuality of our products not only convince our customers, but also make sure that your work remains exciting and that you can always learn something new. Are you ready for your career in boat building? 

Check out our current job vacancies, come aboard and become part of our crew! 


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Steel Construction & Metalwork

The steel construction is the backbone of our freefall boats at HATECKE – the locksmith workshop provides first-class components for all boats. Steel is welded here to form launching equipment (Davits) for cargo ships and release hooks, stainless steel such as Cr-Ni and aluminum are processed into high-quality fittings and railings. In addition to metalworkers, welders and construction mechanics work here. Preparing, tacking, welding in MIG, MAG, and TIG. Grinding, polishing, and thread cutting.

According to precise design drawings, large steel components that are welded directly onto our customers’ ships are created as well as high-quality small parts that are attached to our boats in our assembly. 

From hand file to welding robot, you use all tools under the roof of a workshop. You and your team have the highest demands for precision and reliability. Because the quality of your work is crucial for safety at sea. 

Are you ready for your career in steel construction or locksmithing? 

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HATECKE offers worldwide service around the clock, ensuring immediate response to our customers’ challenges. Our top-notch service guarantees customer satisfaction, from initial commissioning to regular maintenance of all types of boats. Our knowledgeable team includes (industrial) locksmiths, navigators, and mechanics in addition to boat builders. Miami, Curaçao, Antwerp, Hamburg, Genoa and Singapore – these are only some of the stops on your worldwide operations.

Our experts conduct repairs and inspections of hydraulic, electrical, and electronic systems directly on cruise ships, cargo ships, and offshore platforms via plane, helicopter or transporter. Join our team as a qualified craftsman and start your adventure with us.

Coordinated by our office team, you’ll work together with teams from around 60 other network partners on dockings of cruise ships and during short port calls of cargo ships. Through regular training in our training center, we ensure that you are familiar with our products and those of other providers (multibrand) and are confident in handling them.

Our team has a workshop available for comprehensive overhauls and maintenance as well as the shipping of spare parts.

Check out our current job vacancies, come aboard and become part of our crew!

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At HATECKE, the office is the central hub of all company activities – this is where innovations and our company’s strategic direction are created, where information comes together and our departments and teams are coordinated. From sales, design and production planning to transportation logistics and coordination of subsequent services, all supporting processes take place in the office. Shipbuilding engineers work here as well as technical drawers, shipping and industrial clerks, and (specialist) computer scientists. 

After customers have been advised by our sales team and have commissioned us to build boats, existing design drawings are customized and new products are developed for our customers in the design department. Materials for plastic manufacturing, steel construction, and locksmithing, as well as additional components for assembly are ordered by our Purchasing department whilst assuring long-lasting, sustainable supplier relationships. Transport logistics by ship or truck is organized. In human resources, people are the focus. The dependable payment of wages and salaries, additional services, the development of our leadership and technical skills, and the recruitment of new people for our team make the work exciting. In financial accouting and controlling, payment flows are managed and processes are recorded and documented.

The IT and data engineering department ensures that information flows efficiently and that the digital transformation of our family business is successful. Once our boats are in use, service operations and the shipping of spare parts are coordinated from the office. Are you ready for your career in the office? 

Check out our current job vacancies, come aboard and become part of our crew! 


Your journey with us starts here.


Internship & apprenticeship

Internship, apprenticeship and further education at HATECKE – knowledge is shared, supported and challenged at HATECKE.

Starting your career at HATECKE is the beginning of your future in the maritime industry. Experienced and skilled colleagues will guide you as you go through a structured and well-thought-out training concept. In the office, you will be trained by industrial clerks and will gain insight into all commercial areas of the company. In our production, your career in the crafts will start in boat building, plastics and rubber technology or metal construction.

Are you about to finish school or have already successfully completed your schooling? Here you can take the first steps towards your career in a family atmosphere. With our craft apprenticeships, you will lay a solid foundation for your life. In boat building, you will go through all the stages of production – from plastic manufacturing to steel construction and locksmithing, to the assembly and loading of boats. In plastics and rubber technology, you will focus on plastic manufacturing and deepen your expertise. In metal construction, you will learn to handle steel and stainless steel. Our industrial clerks go through all commercial teams in their training – from financial accounting, procurement, and sales to the coordination of service calls. Our training programs are designed to provide a solid and structured education, making sure that your questions are answered at any time.

Are you still in school, want to get a professional orientation, and find out what you enjoy doing? With an (school) internship, you will gain insight into our office and production in a short period of time, get to know our team and become part of our good atmosphere. Your time here is your compass for starting your career.

As a down-to-earth family business, we are patient with you and focus on developing you professionally and personally step by step. At our location, in the crafts and commercial areas, you will get to know every step from the order to the shipping of our boats and thus gain a better understanding of the interrelationships. This, the international orientation of our customers, and our meaningful life-saving products make HATECKE a unique starting point for your career.

Are you ready to start your career at HATECKE?

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Your journey with us starts here.

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